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Top 5 Tips For A Truly Awesome Promotion.

As we have worked with a diverse range of industries and business models there are 5 essential practises we follow when developing a truly awesome promotional campaign.

1. Engage, Engage, Engage

What is the one thing that is going to make your potential client stop, pick up and not only read – but engage with your promotion? This is not only what will stop them in their tracks, but make them take action and participate with your brand.

2. Don’t Change Your Spots

Not only should your promotion talk about you, it should look like you and sound like you. A potential client should see the strong brand links from first sight through to sale service and in-house signage and branding.

3. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Rather than focusing on one avenue for your promotion, look at the different mediums your potential clients are exposed to. A direct mailer campaign is a lot more effective is when accompanied by an e-newsletter, web banners, in-house banners and point of sale marketing.

4. Call To Action

So you get more bang for your buck it is essential that your clients know how to buy your service or product. Think of your call to action, your marketing message that will encourage purchases within your business and build it into your promotion.

5. Eye Off Your Competitors

This is essential to the success of your promotion. Keep an eye on your competitors and their successes and failures. Make sure your promotion is truly unique and desirable.

Happy promoting! Looking forward to working with you on your next campaign!

xox Abby.


Melbourne Finders Keepers Markets

The Finders Keepers Markets is a bi-annual events that showcases the work of emerging artists and designers from around Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the bi-annual event¬†and have had the dates clearly marked, highlighted and asterixed in my diary as a must attend event. The Sydney markets are held at CarriageWorks and a great way to take a peek at some of the amazing work and trends coming out of Australia.

By pure coincidence I was delighted to discover that the Melbourne Market was on whilst I indulged in a long weekend in Melbourne recently. Located in the sheds at Dockylands, the Melbourne Finders Keepers Markets did not fail to impress. I was able to see some of the new ranges of some now familar designers and a whole lot of fresh new artist and designers. With the Autumn chill in the air, I particularly fell in love tightology, a collection of funky legware that is 100% Australian made using organic cotton, bamboo and wool.

If you get a chance the next Sydney event is on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of May, there’s free entry and live music, food and a bar open all day.

Melbourne Finders Keepers

Melbourne Finders Keepers