2013 Zoo Years Resolutions

This year I will

We’ve been working hard on our zoo years resolutions, so to further reaffirm them we thought we’d put our top three in print for the world to see.

1. Run 10km+ (no stopping!)
2. Expand my recipe repertoire.
3. Finish off at least one of my side projects…before June.

1. Run 4-5 times a week so I can be ready for the Hill to Harbour.
2. Submit one of my paintings into a group show.
3. To finish the books I decide to read, not read half of them before moving on to the next one!

1. Finish my graphic design course ahead of schedule.
2. Go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and go for a walk along the beach each morning and each night, except Sundays…
3. Learn a language….maybe French. 

Neon Zoo
1. Send our e-newsletter out (each month on time!)
2. Update our branding (new stationery, signage and promo material).
3. Each zoo member to attend a design conference of their choice.