5 Reason Why You Should Commit to Updating Your Website

1. Google considers your most recent information relevant
Make sure that your are regularly updating content on your website. Google considers recent information to be more relevant. Therefore more recent content will help get you a higher ranking.

2. Appearance is everything
You can have it all, a good-looking site and relevant content. We have all been there, you are searching the web and a site pops up and it looks like its come straight out of a time capsule. This almost instantly gives the site less credibility about their business. A site should be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As they say, first impressions are everything.

3. Content is King
Gone are the days of searching your local yellow pages or encyclopedia, we want information and we want it fast. Your web content should hit your target audience straight away and be up to date with the latest and greatest in all aspects of your business in order to keep your audience captive…Having a website without updating your content is worse than not having a website at all.

4. Old News is boring
As a girl I find that the best way to describe this is as little bit like going to your favorite shoe store once a year and their still selling the same shoes from a year ago….ahhh. Keep your audience interested by sharing recent industry information or creating hype around your website, products and services.

5. Your competition
Stay a step ahead of your competitors by advertising your current promotions and member specials. Give your customers reasons to be your client and stay your client, always have your most current products and technology on show.

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