Guest Blog: David Eddy, ReachLocal Australia

Today we welcome the first in a series of guest blogs. The article below was generously written by David Eddy of ReachLocal Australia, it covers the benefits of video content and is well worth the read.

Huge Social Video Commitment for Newcastle Personal Training Brand

A Very Busy 2013 Lies Ahead For WellFit Personal Training on YouTube.

Wellfit 365

Co-Directors Brendon Osborne & Drew Duggan opened the doors of their Personal Training Studio in July of 2011 at 7/122 Garden Grove Pde in the Newcastle suburb of Adamstown.

The growing team of fitness professionals at WellFit specialise in helping people transform their lives as well as their bodies. Helping clients lose weight is a major focus.

WellFit’s vision from day 1 has been to become a leading Newcastle personal training studio and eventually a well-known national brand.

Like many businesses in the fitness industry, they rely on a constant flow of inbound leads to grow their client base. The majority of these leads so far have come from people finding their website via Google organic & paid search marketing. Word of mouth referrals have also become a strong source of new clients for WellFit.

Back in November 2012, I sat down with Brendon & Drew to chat about their online strategy for 2013 & beyond. We knew that in order to build WellFit into an authoritative brand in the Australian fitness industry, we have to really focus on producing quality content for their audience to discover, consume & share.

These guys already understood three vital points about their business:

  • Their most valuable asset was inside their heads; The invaluable skills & knowledge acquired from over two decades in the personal fitness training industry.
  • When people put their trust into a personal trainer, they expect results. They expect WellFit to provide constant moral support, motivation & first-class advice…
  • WellFit’s potential clients are searching & socialising online. They spend enormous amounts of time (on sites like Google, Facebook & YouTube) reading, sharing & researching the latest tips & advice on health, fitness & dieting.

When The Social Media Penny Dropped…

In April 2012, WellFit Personal Training founded the inaugural Newcastle Charity Bootcamp (now held twice per year) in an effort to raise money for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital. The event was a huge success, with well over 100 people attending for a fun day of outdoor fitness at the Newcastle Foreshore.

The Charity Bootcamp helped position WellFit as an active contributor to the local community. It was also a great opportunity to team-up with other Newcastle gyms & personal trainers, all to support a great cause.

What Brendon & Drew underestimated though, was the influence that online social media would have in spreading the word about Newcastle Charity Bootcamp.

The event was promoted with a relatively short lead-time, almost exclusively through posts on the WellFit Personal Training Facebook page. We also threw out a few tweets on Twitter and recorded a nice little video on the WellFit YouTube channel from Australian paralympian legend & longtime friend Kurt Fearnley. (Kurt has over 11,000 Twitter followers these days, which definitely helped a little)

“We knew that Social Media had huge potential as a marketing medium for a Personal Training company like ours, but like many other local businesses it was just something that we hadn’t fully committed to yet.” – Brendon

Semi-regular blog articles & sporadic posts on Facebook were about the extent of Wellfit’s social media ‘strategy’ up until that point.

WellFit 365 – Daily YouTube Videos for an Entire Year

wellfit Personal training 365

The idea was tossed around that we should start a video series to help our existing clients become more engaged and to learn more about fitness, nutrition & weight loss.

Drew & Brendon have no previous experience producing video content, but what they do have is knowledge, passion & drive.

After doing some research online, we noticed that there were ALOT of other fitness brands producing regular video content on YouTube & Facebook. Some were pumping out some great stuff, others not so great.

To really position WellFit as an authoritative brand in the Australian Personal Training market, we needed to come up with something that took things to the next level.

So, we decided to launch a Daily Video Series, branded WellFit 365, in which Brendon & Drew could share their expertise across all aspects of Personal Fitness Training: Exercise Routines, Fitness Motivation & Mindset, Weight Loss Advice, Nutrition/Food Preparation & Healthy Lifestyle Tips.

THE COST: A Massive Investment of Time…

Apart from some initial set-up costs (A quality digital camera, tripod & some basic lighting), the major cost of running this video marketing project is TIME. The content is already there (inside Drew & Brendon’s heads), they just need to get it ‘out there’.

Based on the first few weeks of planning & production: We are expecting

WellFit 365 to expend a total time-cost of around 330 hours in 2013. That’s more than eight 40-hour weeks of work between the three of us.

There is plenty to organise:

  • Researching & Planning the video episodes
  • Performing keyword research. For many of these videos, it will be important to find out which keywords people are searching for on Google, so that we can tailor the video titles & descriptions etc accordingly.
  • Shooting the videos. (The boys aren’t nailing each episode on the first take just yet. There has been a fair few bloopers – Shhh I didn’t tell you that )
  • Uploading the videos to YouTube
  • Optimising the videos for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Learn more about the factors used by YouTube/Google to rank videos higher in search results here.
  • Writing a blog post to accompany each video. This is a vital step to help WellFit’s organic search rankings continue to improve & their website traffic continues to grow via Google into the future.
  • Social syndication: Spreading each new video (We’re using leading Social Media Management dashboard Hootsuite) to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+
  • Finding & reaching out to authoritative fitness industry bloggers to let them know about WellFit 365 in an effort to leverage their audience.
  • Engaging in conversation with other popular related channels on YouTube
  • Planning & organising guest interviews
  • Engaging with our social followers & fans online, answering their questions etc.
  • Reviewing analytics & continuing to refine our Social Video Strategy. On this note – If you know of any other avenues for promotion that WellFit 365 could benefit from, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know here. I’m always on the hunt for new & creative ideas

Daily YouTube marketing is a daunting task if you want to do it right, huh? It’s a huge commitment. Part of the reason we branded this series WellFit 365 was to force us to commit to a full year of daily episodes.

THE PAYOFF: Why Such A Robust Video Content Strategy for a Small Business?

  • Brand Awareness. Quality content attracts eyeballs online. In January alone, we have seen a marked increase in WellFit’s website traffic, Facebook fans, display retargeting impressions & blog subscribers. Why? Because our current fans are enjoying the video content and sharing with their friends, who in turn are sharing and so on…
  • Online Authority. Google are taking notice of social signals in their ranking algorithms and we’re banking on this becoming more and more important into the future. Great social video content also attracts backlinks to your videos & website. These votes of popularity help to boost your rankings on Google. Dominating the Google search results for their targeting keyword phrases is an important goal of WellFit’s marketing strategy for the long term. Tip: If you’re producing any type of content for your business online, be sure to let Google know that you are the original author of that content. Learn more about authorship here.
  • New Clients. Those increased Google rankings equate to more inbound leads being generated. More inbound leads mean more new clients. More new clients means more business growth for WellFit.  One very pleasing fact is that our increased exposure on Facebook has lead to a significant increase in direct leads from Facebook. (We attribute a good portion of this success to two of Facebook’s paid advertising offerings : Promoted Posts & Offers). The cost-per-lead from Facebook ads (when done correctly) can be extremely low, depending on the nature of your business. WellFit definitely ‘Like’ Facebook ads
  • Loyal Clients. Aside from the fact that WellFit Personal Training offer an exceptionally effective service (I know, because I’ve participated in many of their painful group fitness sessions), their online following is engaged. Brands that give their clients regular, useful content are far less likely to lose those clients to a competing brand. See here.
  • Business Value. In this digital age, a strong online presence is a major asset. If Drew & Brendon decide to sell WellFit one day, or attract company investors, they will be thankful for this early investment in online content. One great thing about the content being delivered in WellFit 365 is that much of it is timeless. That is, most of the health & fitness tips & advice will still be relevant & accurate for years to come. A brand with a strong digital following is a brand with a healthy bottom line and limitless growth potential.

We’d love you to subscribe to WellFit’s YouTube channel, fan us on Facebook and share this post with anybody you know who might find it useful. 

It is going to be an interesting year and I really believe that this video strategy will provide a great benefit for WellFit Personal Training. We’re learning as we go and we’re always on the hunt for new online marketing ideas that could help WellFit 365 success. Please do get in touch if you have any suggestions! 

Can’t wait to share the results at the end of 2013 

By Dave Eddy

Wellfit Personal Training