My weekend at MONA…

As a bit of an art & design geek / freak, I spent the weekend at Australia’s latest (and I believe to be) greatest gallery – MONA. The Museum of Old and New Art is the brain child of wealthy art enthusiast David Walsh (Google him, he’s pretty interesting) and is best described as an adult wonderland. As the largest private art collection in Aus, you can definitely see why this space / experience has been developed to make art more approachable and engaging for the young and old. Walsh has injected his personality through out the museum, from his personal accounts of purchasing each artwork (available on the supplied iPod Touch) through to the signs on his car space which say ‘GOD’ or my personal favourite ‘GOD’S MISTRESS’ (for his partner, I believe). Everything has been so well thought of that the MONA brand becomes an experience in itself. When looking at the extension of the brand, you can get around using the MONA ROMA or partake in an annual music festival known as the MONA FOMA (MOFO). I think what I loved about this Museum was that it is unapologetically approachable. I breaks down modern art so that even the greatest novice (sorry Luke) understands the story around it. As a result of this personality injection, MONA definitely stands far apart from the stuffy art galleries of a bygone era.

Walk through MONA with iPod Touch

Art placed on specially designed wall paper.

Bean bags on the lawn.

An installation on Basement 3 (the whole place is dug out underground).

Lunch & beers in the sun (courtesy of their own brewery, Moo Brew)

Sunset over the Derwent River.