Guest Blog, Growthwise

This week we are very please to introduce Steph Hines from Growthwise as a our guest blogger. Steph is highly motivated, creative and one of the Zoo’s go to person for financial and business advice. The Growthiwse motto is  ‘think, learn, grow & kick arse!’ so we advise that you take a short break and read what Steph has to say.

The well oiled machine

Most people who are in business would have been told plenty of times before how important and how great having systems and processes are. If you haven’t been told chances are you have read something in just about any business book and or magazine. But just having a system is not enough. It has to be a well-oiled machine. One that is tested, improved, tested and improved some more. 

Most people have experienced the well oiled machine systems (take the fact McDonalds can have your burger delivered in under 3 minutes by teenagers) and most of us would have experienced the non-oiled machine systems (think Call Centre Customer Service). Both have systems and processes. What’s the difference?

I like to think of systems and processes in business similar to a car (Ok now I know what you are all thinking – you are an accountant what can you possibly know about cars!). Cars have an inbuilt system – the engine, it’s what allows the car to get us from point a to point b. The engine however needs constant maintenance……there are the oil changes, filter changes, fuel that we put in the engine and occasionally a little bit more maintenance is needed. Chances are if you don’t put oil in your engine your engine (the system) will blow up.

So let’s take your business as an example. Think of your business as the engine. You have done the hard yards to build the engine and get things started. Each day you make the trip from point a to point b. But how often do you stop and “oil” your engine?

Do you stop to look at your systems and processes? Do you review what’s working and what’s not? Do you review when it’s time for an oil change?

We live in an ever changing world. We have this wonderful thing called technology that seems to be changing just about everyday. Systems that worked well 5 years ago no longer work. To be competitive in this environment you need to ensure your processes and systems have the required oil change.

Small businesses have the advantage of being nimble. Of being able to change without the headaches the large organisations face. Small businesses are in a unique position to lead the charge in productivity and profitability. In fact this change is needed in today’s business world just to survive. 

So which example is your business currently? Do you have a well oiled machine or do you need an update?

Steph is Growthwise’s business ninja, She has a passion for technology and concentrates on helping techies and tradespeople navigate the maze of running a business. To contact Steph call 02 4927 8982 you can also follow growthwise on facebook or Twitter for more tips.