100+ Questions Kids Have

On February 14th Interrealate launched ‘Realtionship Day’ along with the first three of the newly rejuventated ‘100+ Questions Kids Have’ book series.

The books written by the Interrelate team were then handed over to Neon Zoo for the design, layout and illustrations. The books feature real hand written questions asked by children in the Interrelate education sessions and cover some the life’s more challenging topics.

100+ Questions Kids have about Puberty was an update of an exisiting book by Interrelate and launched with 2 new titles ‘100+ Questions Have About Having A Baby’ and 100+ Questions Kids Have About Bullying.

The books were an absolute joy to work on and we are so proud to be part of something that will educate and help kids through difficulties of growing up. The books are available to purchase from Interrelate’s website.

Below are some images from the books and there is also a video of the launch that can be seen here.

interrelate book illustration newcastle NSW

interrelate book illustration sydney NSW

Sydney book design

illustration newcastle

graphic design for not for profit Newcastle

design for not for profit newcastle

design for not for profit sydney

newcastle book design

graphic design for not for profit sydney