New To Writing Blogs…Me Too!!

I guess some of you are wondering, what exactly is a blog? My first thoughts exactly…

When the girls at the Zoo first asked me to write a blog for Typeface Tuesday, I’m pretty sure I wanted to hide inside my computer, until the computer wrote it for me. What the heck was I going to write about Typography? Would anyone even read it? What if it doesn’t get a good response? Will the girls think I’m unreliable?…I couldn’t shake the thoughts, blogging honestly scared me. My first blog consisted of 3 sentences and it took me about 3 hours to piece together. I think I got 2 Facebook likes…..YESSSS!!!

So clearly I’m still around, and still blogging. A blog can be whatever you want it to be. It’s really and open forum to the rest of the world at your finger tips. A place where you can write and be right about anything you so desire.
When I  blog  I want it to be weird and wonderful, informative and a joy to read to keep fellow bloggers and readers entertained.
You want your blog to be as unique as you, keep mind that no idea is a new idea, so someone has probably already blogged about it, but you want to be the blogger that people want to read.

Below are a few tips I like to follow when blogging:

1. Choose your topic
Make sure it’s a topic you have a lot to talk about that way you’ll enjoy blogging
2. Get to the point
Not many people these days have time to sit down for half an hour reading ‘the day in the life of…’ in the space of about 5 minutes.
3. Get creative
When writing a blog keep it casual, no one wants to read a report, blogs are light hearted, informal articles of thought, interest, political views and ideologies.
4. Keep it real
Try not to talk to much sss…jargon (your not selling cars). Make sure that your tone of voice is one that not only reflects you and your company but is a also relevant for your audience.

So why should you blog? If you want people to visit your site, they don’t always want to see the same information, updating your blogs keeps your site interesting and will also increase you Google ranking. To find out more about it visit Facts about Google and Competition.

Good Luck with the Blogging fellow bloggers!!