Finding Yellow, Naming and Brand Design

Cessnock Hostel provides supported accommodation and outreach services for people with disabilities in the Cessnock Local Government Area.We recently worked with Cessnock Hostel to rename and rebrand the organisation into Finding Yellow.

We we’re kindly invited along to their opening today and asked to explain the process behind the new identity for Cessnock Hostel. Below is what we said at their opening.


FindingYellow logo design

“Hello my name is Clare and I am from Neon Zoo. We are the graphic design studio that worked with Cessnock Hostel to help rename and rebrand the organisation.

Working on this project we had extensive discussions with representatives of the board and staff about what drives the organisation. The staff then in turn involved the clients. The key message that resinated  was that at Cessnock Hostel they always have their clients interest, independence and happiness as their focus. Whether it be a home, respite care or outreach support, Cessnock Hostel first asks the clients what it is they they want, then they work as a team to achieve this. 

With their name their was confusion within the community as to what Cessnock Hostel actually was. The numerous phone calls they received from back packers looking for cheap accommodation only highlighted this issue.  

The name Finding Yellow articulates the focus of the staff to assist with finding your happy place. This is not to put everyone in in the same boat, but help to empower each of there clients to choose their life’s path.  Finding Yellow is suggestive of a search and an on going journey to live and do the things that make you happy. 

Finding lends itself to searching, achieving and aspiring to something great. As well as finding a home or life skills, Finding Yellow clients are finding friends, social circles and job prospects and the continual development of Finding Yellow staff working with its clients and outreach services to discover better resources, better network and better facilities for their clients to live and learn. 

The choice of yellow for us was obvious. Yellow lifts spirits and self esteem.  Think the sun, the stars and a bright summers day.  It is an optimistic and cheerful colour that inspires confidence and activity. It is gender neutral and overwhelmingly positive. Finding Yellow is working towards a goal, a light, an idea, an idea for bettering the lives of people with disability. 

It was important for the new brand of Finding Yellow to have an icon that the community and clients could easily recognise and associate with them. 

 The balloon and character is a simple icon that again suggests a positive feel. The character is alone, but supported by the balloon that stretches high. The character is gender neutral and one that communicates the assistance that they offer.

We hope that you and the community will embrace Finding Yellow and show your support to what we believe is a very worthy organisation.”

Finding Yellow Cake Finding Yellow logo design on mug Finding Yellow Signage design