Back to Basics: Why have a logo?

For us it seems like a ‘no brainer’ that every business should have an logo, so we thought we should go back to basics and outline the benefits of having a logo design for your business.

1. Credibility
For many start up or small businesses, a logo helps to legitimise your business. It shows that you have a professional image and that you are credible…to both clients and business affiliates.

2. Adds Value
By developing a logo for your business, you are adding value and investing in your business. A logo is often seen as an identity for which a business can market itself off. By having this professional identity, you are more attractive to clients, consumers and potential investors.

3. Attracts Clients
Many people shop and purchase visually. Whether a service or product meets a particular aesthetic, looks approachable and reliable can all influence the purchasing decision. By having a logo, you have a visual cue which your clients can relate to.

4. Create a Brand
A logo is the cornerstone of any brand, it helps you to communicate who you are and what you do through a visual icon. A brand is built by culture, values, products and services, it is marketed visually and creates something tangible that your clients and customers can relate to.

5. Be Memorable
According to HubSpot  90% 0f information transmitted to the brain is visual. By having a visual identity such as a logo, this allows your business identity to be more memorable.

6. Differentiate yourself
Often businesses will offer the same product and/or services. A logo helps businesses to visually communicate their ‘difference’, reflect business culture and show the quality and level of service provided.

If you would like to discuss a logo solution for your business or if you would like to take the next step and make your logo a brand, get in touch with us at Neon Zoo.