My 5 Favourite Blogs

When I’m looking for inspiration for a project or stuck for an idea I sometimes find that the best technique is to not think about it at all. A little down time, to let my mind wander is usually the best medicine to get my creative side on track again and one of my favourite things to do to in this down time is to peruse my favourite blogs.

Below are my top 5 favourite design blogs that excite, inspire and motivate me.

1. The Design Files.

The Design files is definatly one of my favourite go to’s. It brings together  interviews and work from some of Australia’s best designers, artists and creatives. My favourite part is ‘Australian Homes’ which is featured every Wednesday.

The Design Files, Favourite Post


2. Fancy Design blog

Fancy brings together a collection of great design and designers from our friends across the shore in New Zealand. Always fresh with new finds there is always a cool discovery to be had.


Fancy Design Blog

3. Yatzer

Yatzer was originally started by Costas Voyatzis a renowned Greek Interior Designer, who saw a need for a platform for his love of graphic design, photography and architecture. It brings together some of the best design, architecture, interiors, photography and travel destinations from around the globe.

My only problem with Yatzer is that I never know where to look first!


4. Oh, How Pinteresting! The Pinterest Blog

I LOVE Pinterest and loose so much time pinning to my carefully curated boards, but I also often frequent the Pinterest Blog. Here you find case studies, news, tips and other goodness. The Pinterest Blog should defiantly be on your hit list if you are using Pinterest in your business.

Pinterest Blog

5. TED, Ideas Worth Spreading.

Ideas Worth Spreading is an excellent description of TED. TED covers all sorts of topics with speakers from around the globe and never fails to spark my interest. The TED blog is a good place to start  but I also get their e-newsletter and often listen to the TED Radio Hour.

TED, ideas worth spreading