HunterNet – Chinese conference Brochure

HunterNet is a co-operative organisation who’s mission is to identify and capture business development opprotunities for it’s members. One part of their strategy is to build stong bi-lateral relationships with Chinese partners.

Neon Zoo was recently asked to create a brochure design for their tour of China. The brochure outlines the role of HunterNet and the benefits of building realtionships with Australian businesses from the Hunter.

Neon Zoo produced this brochure in both English and Chinese so HunterNet could communicate to both markets. The final brochure was printed on high quality paper and embellished with an emboss to further appeal to the Chinese audience. See the finished brochure below.

Hunternet Brochure emboss HunterNet brochure design HunterNet brochure design in Chinese

Hunternet Brochure design

Hunternet Brochure design in chinese