Why Re-Brand?

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When looking at a businesses values there are several key factors to consider. One of these factor includes tangible vs intangible assets. Tangible assets can include property, equipment and machinery while intangible assets can include intellectual property, customer goodwill and loyalty and brand value and recognition.

Creating brand value is what we aim to achieve with all of our clients ensuring that there is a return on investment.

When clients come to us looking to re-brand their business and the first question we always ask them is, WHY?
Undertaking a task like this requires rational thought and strategy behind it so that we can add value to the businesses identity.

Generally, there are two reasons for a company to re-brand:
1) A company or business is being ‘Reactive’ to various influences in or around their business. This can be, but not limited to:

  • Company restructuring or mergers
  • Negative feedback on services or products
  • Responding to competitior influences
  • Trademarking issues / renewals

2) A company or business is being ‘Proactive’ with their brand and creating influence and change rather than reacting to it. This can be, but not limited to:

  • Business growth
  • New product/service
  • New audience
  • Relevancy

With each of these scenarios, we need to refocus what the core values of the company are and ensure that they are being clearly articulated both verbally and visually.

A common misconception about rebranding is that there needs to be a considerable change made to the brand mark. Often the changes are made to the brand extension by introducing a character or mascot, key communication statements or brand heirachy through sub brands.

Below are few examples of clients that we have re-branded for various reasons:


LEFT: Previous Interrelate Character Illustrations.
RIGHT: Rebranded Character Development by Neon Zoo.

Interrelate Before & After Character Brand re-Design


LEFT: Previous ‘100+ Answers About Puberty’ Book Designs.
RIGHT:┬áRebranded ‘100+ Questions Kids Have About Puberty’ Book Designs by Neon Zoo.


Interrelate 100+ Books before and after


TOP: Previous Eye Specialists Broadmeadow Logo.
BOTTOM: Logo Re-design by Neon Zoo.

Neon Zoo Newcastle re-design

LEFT: Previous Eye Specialists Broadmeadow Brochure.
RIGHT: Branding and brochure Re-design by Neon Zoo.

Neon Zoo Newcastle re-design

LEFT: Previous Cessnock Hostel Limited Logo.
RIGHT: “Finding Yellow” Brand rejuvenation including Naming, Logo and Branding designed by Neon Zoo.

Newcatsle Branding Design Logo Design Neon Zoo

If you feel your company is changing shape and you need to be ‘Reactive’ or Proactive’ with your business branding, get in touch and give us a call (02) 4009 1376