How to #Hashtag

We have all seen those long hashtags #thataresohardtoreadandgoonforever and we’ve all been witness to the #over #use #of #hastaging #in #a #post, so we thought it was time to explain what hashtags are and how  you use them?

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase that has the symbol (#) in-front of it. It is used so people can include it in their social media posts to make the content of the post accessible to all people with similar interests, even if they’re not followers by searching the hashtag.

To create a hashtag is simple, all you need to do is add a # before a relevant keyword or phrase…#amazing

You can insert hashtags anywhere in your posts: front, middle or end. However, take some care as nothing turns people off more than a cluttered post with excessive hashtags or overly lengthy hashtags, e.g. #ThisLongHashtagIsSoPointless. Another important point to remember is that hashtags do not support spaces or special characters like “!, $, %, ^, &, *, +, .” So if you’re using two words, skip the space and the symbol.

A few #HashtagTips

  • If you are totally new to hashtags, first consider using hashtags that directly relate to your brand, product or service
  • Capitalize the #FirstLetterI­nEachWord of your hashtag to make it more readable
  • Don´t overdo your post with hashtags, 1 – 3 is more than enough
  • Create a #hashtag that is a ‘searchable’ term for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes

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How to Hashtag