Logo vs Branding

At Neon Zoo, we are firm believers that whilst businesses need a logo, great businesses need a brand.

When we work with businesses and organisations, we develop a design brief. This helps us to identify and articulate your key objectives, business goals and target market. When developing a brand, we are  communicating your promise to your customer. It tells them who you are and what they can expect from your products and services.

At the core of your brand is your logo. From this, your website, packaging, stationery and marketing material should encompass your logo and work together to form and communicate your brand. Whilst the logo is a key element, it is just the beginning when forming your brand strategy. Without a consistent and strategic brand, your customers will not be clear on your service offering, quality and standards nor be able to engage in an emotional connection.

Below is a simple synopsis of a logo vs a brand:

A Logo is…
An identifiable symbol or mark that can be easily reproduced as a visual representation of a business or organisation. It often includes colours, shapes and the name of the business.

A brand is…
What is communicated to your audience on top of your logo. It is your service, positioning, messages, visual design, marketing and presence of the product or service to a target market.

Whilst a logo is important, it should not be the only design element to be stamped across all print and digital communication material. For example, if you have a marketing brochure and your logo is stamped all over it, how will anyone know it is yours if your logo is removed. Visual tools that can assist with brand development are brand patterns, colour palettes, positioning statements and language, mascots, icons and photographs.

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