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When Neon Zoo was asked to develop a brand identity for a new pizza bar located in Newcastle, we automatically got hungry! As a studio full of girls who love their food, we were very excited to be working with Penny and Alfonso on this project. Owner/Operator, Alfonso, is an Naples native and  wanted to communicate the large focus on the traditions of the Neapolitan culture throughout the brand. Named after a 70’s jazz band, as well as the train station in Naples, Napoli Centrale evokes the visuals associated with Italy in the 70’s. When customers encounter the Napoli Centrale brand they should feel comfortable, excited and hungry. The key brand objectives & themes projected in marketing are to build and develop the Napoli Centrale brand to educate customers of the values associated with traditional Napoli pizza and highlight the authenticity of the product.

When developing the brand, we used key image references and icons associated with Italy and primarily Naples, that could be used to promote the brand. Hand rendered illustrations collaged with found images work together to frame the Napoli Centrale logo mark. When told by our client, “you can never be too kitsch” we knew we would have fun with the project and we are truly happy with the results.

Napoli Centrale offers traditional Napoli pizza to Novacastrians, unlike any other pizza restaurant or takeaway available in the area. Feeling hungry, Napoli Centrale is located at 173 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300.

Napoli Centrale Logo design

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