Design Feedback #101

Recently we have taken on a few new clients, some of which have never been down the path of engaging a designer before. Understandably a lot of them don’t know what is helpful to us when giving feedback on our designs. So that we can better service our clients, we wanted to put together a blog on Design Feedback #101 and develop some guidelines that our clients can follow in order to give us constructive feedback and help the project run a lot smoother.

1. Know what you want from the start.
All projects, big and small should start with a design brief. As designers, we are paid to solve business problems articulated in this brief. When looking at a design concept, remember to refer back to the objectives highlighted in your design brief to see that the design meets them.

2. Remember design is about trying to communicate a message i.e it’s not always about you?
When looking at your designs, try and look at it from the perspective of your clients, as well your own perspective as a business owner. It’s often to good to review the design brief and confirm that the design meets the project goals and objectives.

3. Can’t articulate what your trying to say?
No problem, show us an example. If we haven’t got the tone of blue right or the font isn’t quite what you imagined, show us a picture of something that is closer to what you are after so that we can better understand your feedback.

4. No need to tippy toe
At Neon Zoo honesty is the best policy, if you don’t like something….tell us. We still have feelings though, so let us know when we’ve done something you love!

5. Try and be specific
Although words such as warm, friendly and professional can be used to describe a design, sometimes you need to break it right done and talk about the nitty gritty. Try and be specific about elements you like and dislike.

 Below are some more prompts of helpful feedback that might help you to get started. 

– I’d prefer you to use title case in my business name
– That font is too traditional, can you try something more modern.
These colours are too bright, can you tone them done a little
– I like the icon, but could you do it in green tones instead?
– Can you make the logomark 50% bigger?

– I really like the font you have used, can you try it with the logo mark of the second concept?

Remember if in doubt, talk to us we’re a friendly bunch!

Tips on how to give your designer constructive feedback