Feeling Blue….Colour Inspiration part 1

This is the first in my four part series where I explore some of the meaning behind colours and how they could influence people’s perception of your brand.

In this first part I look at the blue spectrum.

When you think of blue you think of the ocean, the sky and pretty blue eyes. In general terms lighter blues are associated with calmness, health, tranquility and darker blues are associated with stability, seriousness, knowledge and trust. Blue is a freedom colour associated with wide open spaces and most people will have a positive association with it.There are not many natural occurring blues in food, so blue is often associated with being an appetite suppressant and will be used on diet products.

Below is a short rundown on some of the different shades of blue.

Think happy, friendly and tranquility. Aqua blue is a clear communicator and brings a calmness with it and a touch of spirituality.
Industries that you will find a lot of aqua in are health and beauty, ladies apparel and services.

Sky Blue
Peace, Honesty and freedom. A popular favourite colour, you will be hard pressed to find a bad association with sky blue. A good communicator for medical practices, social media, and services industries.

Navy Blue
Think police of a police officers blue uniform and words such as integrity and honesty will come to mind. Navy blue is often used by solicitors, engineering company and politicians. Navy blue is a mature, trustworthy and sturdy colour. Navy blue could be seen as a little conservative, but paired with a more vibrant colour it can often bring stability to a brand image.

Cobalt/Electric Blue
Cobalt blue is very much alive and very confidant (if not a little dramatic). Cobalt blue is often a feature of the fashion trends and will give any business an active, modern and ‘ready to go’ impression.

what does blue mean?

Colour meanings part one blue