How Can Facebook Help Your Business?

Getting your ‘Insta’ confused with your ‘Pintererst’ or your ‘Facey’ mixed up with your ‘LinkedIn’? When talking to clients we get a lot of questions about which social media platforms they should be using for their business. This is the first in a series of blog posts where we explain the benefits of different social media outlets and how they can work for you.

First up is Facebook  with some of the benefits of using Facebook for your business listed below.

How to use Facebook for business


1. Out of sight, out of mind.
Facebook is another way of keeping your brand on peoples minds. It’s also another way for existing and potential clients to find your contact details via a Facebook business page. Business pages will list your phone number, address, reviews and opening hours.

3. Drive traffic to your website
Reposting articles from your blog will help to generate clicks through to your site, which will in turn build your website SEO.

4. By building a network or following on Facebook, you are building a network that can potentially share your message.
Any post that is shared by your audience will be seen by a larger audience. But don’t expect everything you put up to be shared, just like anything else it’s all about having good content. It’s best to try to find a balance between helpful, informative posts and fun posts.

5. Facebook is a low cost marketing tool.
You can create an account in seconds and it won’t cost you a thin! Don’t be fooled, to do it well you must invest the time in your Facebook page if you want to see any results and drive engagement.

6. Help show your brands personality.
Facebook is a way to reach out to your audience and talk directly to them. No need for stuffy corporate messages, use Facebook to show your brands personality and further build the connection between your brand and your audience.

7. It’s instant.
Social media is fast. Having a flash sale? Have some information on a current event? If you have a message to get out there, there’s no quicker way than social media.


Remember these golden rules for social media.

1. Be Authentic, the voice you use on social media must accurately represent your business.

2. Be Responsive, if someone interacts with your page, respond to them (even if it’s negative).

3. Post Regularly, inactive Facebook pages will not bring you any benefits.


Here’s some examples of businesses that are using Facebook for business really well…

1. Design Files , this is a good example or reposting articles to have people then click through to a website.

2. Doughheads, really good example of instant communications. Doughheads uses Facebook to let people know which markets they’ll be at and when, to generate excitement about new flavours and announce competitions.

2. Pet Rescue, Pet rescue is a Not For Profit organisation and they use Facebook to generate awareness, encourage donations and most importantly help many needy pets to find their ‘forever’ homes.

3. Threadless, They post a lot of fun content and get their audience involved by asking their opinion on designs – engagement!