Beer and pretzel bonbons! Oh my!

Milkjam- a Newcastle based boutique confectionary brand, approached us with the need for packaging that captures their blow your mind, slap your tastebuds’ mantra. With delicious confectionary flavours like ‘bacon and maple popcorn’ we knew we had to come up with a creative solution that was a little different.

No one can take an elephant riding a unicycle seriously (no matter how good his unicycle skills, OR how tall his tophat), and although Milkjam’s products are seriously tasty, they are also fun, imaginative and have lashings of nostalgia, and were able to capture this in the quirky pattern design.

The colour palette we chose hints at the flavours within while matching the vintage feel of the overall package design. It’s a nod to a simpler time when sugar rushes were a highly prized part of childhood.

We are really happy with the outcome of this design, and were also pretty excited to sample some of Milkjam’s delicious products as part of our ‘research.’

Follow Milkjam on Twitter or Facebook to find out where you can obtain some of these delicious morsels for yourself.

Brand pattern developed for Milkjam packaging

Packaging designed for Milkjam confectionary products Boobon packaging designed for Milkjam products

Milkjam Beer and Pretzel Bon Bons

Image via Milkjam Facebook page

Milkjam sauces

Image via Milkjams Facebook page

Milkjam Salted caramel and peanut Popcorn

Image via Milkjams Facebook page