How can Pinterest Help Your Business

Part 3 of our social media blogs explores the world of Pinterest (see part one & two). Pinterest is a way to bookmark images from the web and organise them onto Pin boards that have different themes. Once set up you can follow other peoples pins or boards and see what images they pin and vice versa..

pinterest logo

1. Get more traffic to your website
Images you pin from your website will link back to your website. Then like a ripple effect when people repin this image they and their followers will also have a link to your website.

2. Searchable
Search is a huge part of Pinterest. Be specific and consider what people may be searching when you are adding a name and description to your images, you can even use keywords to name your boards.  (Remember don’t overdo this, you don’t want to look spammy)

3. Rich Pins
Rich pins are pins that have a little extra info. For example a product pin will include the price of the product and details on where you can buy it, a Recipe rich pin will include ingredients and instructions and a movie pin might include ratings, credits. There are currently five types of rich pins; Movie, recipe, article product and place.

4. Create a Business account.
A Pinterest business account will give you access to analytics, rich pins, allow you to set up your page in your business name (rather then your personal name), and their is rumours that new features specific to business pages will be released soon. Pinterest also has some excellent education material that is geared specifically to business owners.

5. You can add a ‘pin it’ button to your website
If you add a ‘Pin it’  (see at the bottom of this blog) button to your website you can help prompt and make it easier for people to share your content.

6. Pin in your sleep
You don’t actually have to be active on Pinterest to have images from your website pinned. If you have beautiful pinnable images on your website there is a good chance someone else will pin the image.


Here is some examples of Businesses that are using Pinterest for business really well.

1. Inside Out Magazine

2. Koskela

3. Lorna Jane 

4. Etsy

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