Google Helps Users Find Mobile ‘Friendly’ Sites

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty frustrating when I find a website that I want to check out on my phone, only to find that I have to ‘zoom in’ and ‘expand’ to read the site content because it’s not optimised for ‘hand-held’ devices.

Lately, we’ve been encouraging clients to build or update their website to be responsive – this means the site is set up to be mobile and tablet ‘friendly’. Now, whilst this is great for user experience and location based searches, it has now become even more beneficial to businesses with Google now promoting sites as ‘Mobile Friendly’ to it’s users accessing the search engine from their phones.

See below an example when searching our own Neon Zoo website:

Neon Zoo website design mobile friendly for google searching

To ensure the ‘Googlebot’ reads your site as optimised, you can check out their latest Google Webmaster blog here to for their handy tips and tricks. Google notes that this is the first step in promoting optimised sites and will look at ranking those sites that are optimised above those that aren’t in future site ranking criteria.

Whilst having an optimised site is beneficial for businesses and their site ranking, it also makes web browsing a better user experience for clients and consumers.