Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique that lets you speak to your customers and clients via their inbox. Used effectively, it can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. Read below on ‘Why you should use Email Marketing’

Why You Should Use Email Marketing

1. It’s targeted, unlike a flyer drop or TV and radio advertising email marketing is targeted. Spam laws ensure that you are only going to talk to people that already have a connection with your business.

2. It is low cost item to implement and has good return on investment.
Once you have set up your system it is a relatively ‘low cost’ medium to use, and your targeted data base should ensure a higher conversion rate.

3. You can ‘Track and Measure’ your results. Most email systems will give you real time data on your open rates, who in your database is engaging with you and what links get more attention than others.

4. Email marketing is very customisable. You can split your data base into segments, according to industry, location, gender and more. So that the right people get the right message every time.

5. It’s mobile so your message will travel with them.
The majority of people now check their email on the go via a mobile device.

6. You can customise your templates so that they are an extension of your branding. Give your newsletters a personality that matches your branding and core message.

Most importantly paired with other marketing measures such as direct mail, social media, phone and face to face contact, it can yield very effective results.