Native Newcastle Logo Design

Native Newcastle was created by travel enthusiasts Heidi and Dan, who have a passion for ‘Newy’ and wanted to create a way to show off Newcastle’s secret places. So far our role in the project has involved naming, logo and brand design, stationery and signage. They are launching in September 2015, but we were so excited to share this project with you, we couldn’t wait.

The name was developed around the concept of having a unique and private tour with a Newcastle local that will engage all of your senses, aka their tagline SEE DO TOURS.

With Native Newcastle, you won’t be seeing the sights from the window of a bus. Native Newcastle will take you on a trip in their luxury 4WD where you will experience Newcastle. Their suggested tours will be active experiences for all of ability levels and include a  mixture of natural, cultural, historical and gastronomical experiences. Heidi and Dan believe that “The best travel experiences are those you have when you know a local person who can give you an insider’s perspective” 

The logo design is typographical and their branding includes a range of icons that will sit with some of their beautiful photography commissioned local photographer ‘What Xanthe Saw‘. We were thrilled to be working with another business that equals our own passion for Newcastle and can’t wait to see where they go after their launch in September. In the meantime follow them on instagram and facebook to keep up to date with their progress.


logo design newcastle Native Newcastle logo design Native Newcastle brand design

Native Newcastle brand design

Native Newcastle brand design Native Newcastle logo design



Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a direct marketing technique that lets you speak to your customers and clients via their inbox. Used effectively, it can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. Read below on ‘Why you should use Email Marketing’

Why You Should Use Email Marketing

1. It’s targeted, unlike a flyer drop or TV and radio advertising email marketing is targeted. Spam laws ensure that you are only going to talk to people that already have a connection with your business.

2. It is low cost item to implement and has good return on investment.
Once you have set up your system it is a relatively ‘low cost’ medium to use, and your targeted data base should ensure a higher conversion rate.

3. You can ‘Track and Measure’ your results. Most email systems will give you real time data on your open rates, who in your database is engaging with you and what links get more attention than others.

4. Email marketing is very customisable. You can split your data base into segments, according to industry, location, gender and more. So that the right people get the right message every time.

5. It’s mobile so your message will travel with them.
The majority of people now check their email on the go via a mobile device.

6. You can customise your templates so that they are an extension of your branding. Give your newsletters a personality that matches your branding and core message.

Most importantly paired with other marketing measures such as direct mail, social media, phone and face to face contact, it can yield very effective results.

Salivate Logo Design

Salivate! is an existing brand we were recently asked to rejuvenate and design a new logo ready for its’ next stage in life!

The Salivate! brand represents a passion for fresh, healthy food that’s also easy to make and aims to inspire people to eat and cook beautiful food. Salivate! is starting a revolution to inspire people to get cooking, create amazing food then share it with everyone they love!

The new Salivate! will be a combination of several products and services. These include: spice packs, cookbooks, food tours, custom recipe creations for people with sensitive diets, gift hampers and gourmet food boxes.

We will keep you updated as the project evolves, but in the meantime keep an eye out for Salivate! and get your tastebuds ready for when these fantastic products to hit the shelves!

You can keep up to date with Salivate! via its instagram or get some recipe inspirations via their blog.


salivate logo design newcastle

 salivate logo design newcastle


 Aloha, I recently enjoyed an family R&R trip to Hawaii and thought I’d share a few pics of my trip.

We spent the first week in laid back Maui and then the second in Oahu which was a bit more upbeat and metropolitan.

Once we arrive we took full advantage of every Hawaiian cliche and enjoyed numerous sunsets, beach days, snorkelling, turtle spotting and of course Pina Coladas aplenty.

Highlights included spotting humpback whales off the Maui Coast, a spot of Scuba Diving in the pristine water where the visibility was incredible and a 3am trip to the top of the Haleakalā  volcano so we could catch the sunrise.

Hawaii holiday - wakiki

Hawaii holiday - waikiki

Hawaiian holiday

Hawaii holiday


Trendy Plumbing Solutions Logo Design

Trendy Plumbing Solutions is a Newcastle plumbing business run by Trent and Andy aka Trendy‘. We recently did a new logo design to help them to grow their business and establish their reputation.

Trendy Plumbing Solutions cover all aspects of plumbing, but are are blocked pipe specialists! When asked to rebrand their business we naturally wanted to make reference to this speciality. The acronym, TPS, is made up of inter woven pipes that will also be used in all future brand extension.

Trendy Plumbing Solutions service the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast areas. They are available 24/7 and do free quotes,  you can contact them on or call Trent on 0467 062 237 or Andy on 0475 308 991Trendy Plumbing Solution logo design Newcastle Trendy Plumbing Solution logo design Newcastle Trendy Plumbing Solutions logo design Newcastle

Logo Design for Masters Hockey World Cup and Grand Masters Hockey World Cup 2016

Earlier this year we were invited to develop the logo design and identity for the 2016 Masters Hockey World Cup and Grand Masters Hockey World Cup.

The Masters and Grand Masters World Cup is a biennial hockey competition that will bring over 18 nations and hundreds of  players, coaches, managers, judges, umpires and spectators to Australia.

From March 28th to April 11th, 2016, the Masters Hockey World Cup will be held at the National Hockey Centre at Lyneham, Canberra. The event includes both male and female hockey players aged 35 – 60 from all over the world.

Neon Zoo was invited to develop the identity and logo design for the Masters World Cup and Grand Masters World Cup (see below) for the 2016 tournaments.

The brief for the logo required the host city, Canberra, to be a prominent part of the final design. It was to be engaging, approachable and represent the elite level of hockey that the event attracts.

As part of the identity development, the logo will be used across medal designs, signage, programs, promotional material, t-shirts and souvenirs, marketing to the vast number of players, coaches, judges, umpires and families that will be visiting Australia for the event.

logo design for the Masters World Cup 2016

t-shirt design for Masters hockey world cup 2016

flag design for Masters hockey world cup 2016


In May 2016, Newcastle will host the Grand Masters Hockey World Cup. This event will include palyers aged 60+ and will be held at the Newcastle International Hockey Centre over a period of two weeks from 28th of March to April 11th.

Like the Masters Games in Canberra the event is expected to bring teams from over 18 nations and generate millions of dollars to the local tourism economy.

Whilst the relationship between these two events was important, it was equally important that we created an individual identity for each event in order to market the tournaments for their respective age brackets and promote the individual locations of each event.

The two host cities were selected from only three locations in Australia that have international standard water-based grounds in the one facility, As we get closer to the events, we’ll keep you up-to-date on how to find out more about the games.

logo design for Grand Masters World Cup 2016

Souvenir tshirt design for Grand Masters hockey world cup 2016

flag design for Grand Masters hockey world cup 2016

What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

‘Logo’ and ‘Brand’ are words that are sometimes used interchangeably, but are they the same thing? Read below to find out ‘what’s the difference between a logo and a brand?’

A logo and a brand are not the same thing, but they must work together cohesively. Let’s start by taking a look at what a logo is and what a brand is:

A logo graphically represents a business, an organisation, product or precincts identity. Moulded through design, font and colour a logo is a unique and distinctive mark. It is a symbol that will help customers identify you, so it must be unique to your business.

A brand encompassing philosophies and unique selling points, a brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and peers. It should be relevant, desirable, believable, enduring and create an emotional connection with it’s audience.

A brand can incorporate elements such as;

  • Logo
  • Positioning Statement
  • Values
  • A promise
  • Colours
  • Graphics
  • Tone of voice
  • Typography
  • Illustration Style
  • Sounds
  • Scents
  • Taste
  • Shapes
  • Mascot
  • Tagline or Jingle
  • Story
  • Brand extension on marketing material such as stationery, signage, advertising, uniforms, packaging

So, what’s the difference between a logo and a brand? A logo is just one element of your brand and all elements of a brand should work together to create an emotional connection with it’s audience.

Google to Penalise Non Responsive Websites as of April 21, 2015

Lately the internet has been a buzz with the news from Google, about a planned change in it’s Algorithm on April 21.

For a while now Google has been signalling that due to mobile searches rapid growth, websites that want to perform should be transitioned to being mobile friendly. Recently though, Google put a date on a scheduled change in their algorithm which  means it will use mobile-friendly design as a ranking factor in mobile search.

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

This means that mobile friendly (responsive) sites will be rewarded and non mobile friendly (non responsive) sites will be penalised in search results. Our advice would be that if want to continue to be found through google and your site isn’t responsive then it is time to put a plan in place and timeline.

If you would like to discuss transitioning your site to being mobile friendly, get in touch!

Not sure if your web site is mobile friendly? Check it here on the Mobile Friendly Test

Google Finding more mobile-friendly search results April 21


We Love Startups by Neon Zoo

There is nothing quite like the buzz and excitement of a new business getting ready to launch itself into the market. This is why we have taken the plunge and launch a sister business, ‘We Love Startups by Neon Zoo‘.

We Love Startups by Neon Zoo, is a logo design service tailored specifically to people with great ideas and lean budgets AKA a startup businesses.

It is designed to help businesses set up the some bare essential branding items that they will need in their infancy to help them grow quickly and effectively.

All projects are completed through our online forms, but our clients still benefit from being able to call the studio for phone support.

It is a paired back version of our larger brand packages, intended to help get new businesses through the essential testing period their products and services as quickly as possible.

The website is also a resource where you can read stories from other Startups, and find the resources, tips and tools that a new business needs.


We love Startups logo design

We’re really exciting to be launching ‘We love Startups by Neon Zoo, so I hope you will share our exctiment by telling anyone that has been thinking about turning their hobby into a career or is getting ready to step out on their own. For more information please email us at hello@welovestartups and follow us on Instagram and Facebook, if you would like to show us some love.


What is a Mood board?

Mood boards are a collection of found images that help to visually articulate the direction that a design project will take.

You will generally look at a mood board at the start of  a design project and use it to further define the parameters of a brief. Mood boards help when your trying to articulate a visual idea in your head, but are struggling with the words to communicate it. Often in these cases, using reference images to form a mood board can help clients to communicate colours, shapes, compositions and fonts that are relevant, or not, to what they are looking to achieve with their design project.

As a mood board is made up of found images your designer is not asking you to pick which one you want (that would be copying)! Instead they are after clues about what does and doesn’t appeal to you, your market and your project brief. You can look at a design as a whole and say which ones you do and don’t like. Or you can look at smaller aspects such as size, colour, type, composition, shape and feel.

Responses that will help your designer, when providing feedback on a mood board, would include things like;

  • I like the colours used on ‘A’
  • I really dislike the font on ‘B’
  • ‘C’ has great feel to it, I really like it
  • I don’t like anything about ‘F’
  • I like the arrangement of the type on ‘G’
  • ‘H’ is a little too corporate for what I’m after.
  • ‘D’ is my favourite of all of them
  • I really like ‘G’, but I think it is wrong for my market.
  • I like the icon used on ‘E’

Remember when giving responses about your mood board, try to think about it in terms of what will appeal to your target market, not just you.

Your designer will read your responses use them as part of their research and to help guide their designs. Remember, a mood board is a guide only and occasionally your designer will suggest something that contradicts your responses. When this happens though they will have a rational and explain why. For example, “I understand you said that you didn’t want any red in your logo, red is s a very appetising colour so as but as you are a fast food company we though we should explore the option.”

See below for an example of a mood board.

What is a Moodboard