How can Pinterest Help Your Business

Part 3 of our social media blogs explores the world of Pinterest (see part one & two). Pinterest is a way to bookmark images from the web and organise them onto Pin boards that have different themes. Once set up you can follow other peoples pins or boards and see what images they pin and vice versa..

pinterest logo

1. Get more traffic to your website
Images you pin from your website will link back to your website. Then like a ripple effect when people repin this image they and their followers will also have a link to your website.

2. Searchable
Search is a huge part of Pinterest. Be specific and consider what people may be searching when you are adding a name and description to your images, you can even use keywords to name your boards.  (Remember don’t overdo this, you don’t want to look spammy)

3. Rich Pins
Rich pins are pins that have a little extra info. For example a product pin will include the price of the product and details on where you can buy it, a Recipe rich pin will include ingredients and instructions and a movie pin might include ratings, credits. There are currently five types of rich pins; Movie, recipe, article product and place.

4. Create a Business account.
A Pinterest business account will give you access to analytics, rich pins, allow you to set up your page in your business name (rather then your personal name), and their is rumours that new features specific to business pages will be released soon. Pinterest also has some excellent education material that is geared specifically to business owners.

5. You can add a ‘pin it’ button to your website
If you add a ‘Pin it’  (see at the bottom of this blog) button to your website you can help prompt and make it easier for people to share your content.

6. Pin in your sleep
You don’t actually have to be active on Pinterest to have images from your website pinned. If you have beautiful pinnable images on your website there is a good chance someone else will pin the image.


Here is some examples of Businesses that are using Pinterest for business really well.

1. Inside Out Magazine

2. Koskela

3. Lorna Jane 

4. Etsy

 See part one on Facebook and part two on Instagram

Civic Electrical Solutions

Civic Electrical Solutions is a new business servicing the the areas of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and The Hunter.

‘No lightning bolts or sparks’ were a strict part of the brief when we were asked to assist with the naming and branding of the business. Instead we were to create an eye catching and vibrant brand that could be easily translated across print, uniforms, signage and online via their (soon to be launched) website.

The purple and green is a break away from the traditional blues  and yellows of the industry, so you should be able to spot Kevin and his team very easily.

Their website will be up and running early in the New Year, so if you have a project you’d like to discuss with Kevin, Kellie and their team, get in touch.


Civic Electrical Solutions logo design

Uniform Design  for Civic Electrical

Hunter Region Procurement Tool

As a business within the Hunter Region we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to develop a toolkit to help local business. Some might say we grabbed the opportunity with both paws!

The Hunter Region Procurement Toolkit was created to assist businesses identify opportunities in the Region and to encourage spending within the local community, in turn supporting local jobs.

Working with NSW Trade & Development, Australian Industry Group, Regional Development Australia-Hunter, HunterNet, Hunter Business Chamber and AusIndustry, we developed a solution for the toolkit that’s professional, refined and easy to understand.

The Procurement Toolkit offers information like company profiles, tender terminology and requirements and lots of helpful links.

Hunter Region procurement design  & layout Hunter Region page 1 & 2 procurement design  & layout Hunter Region page 3-4 procurement design  & layout


Meet Lauren

Welcoming Lauren to the Zoo crew!

Lauren is the newest recruit to join our studio. Lauren has previous  experience working in some great Sydney agencies including Ideaworks and M&C Saatchi across a range of large and small scale clients such as Westfield, BigW, Taronga Zoo, Camera House and Perisher. After a stint in Sydney Lauren returned home and has acclimatised back into the laid back Newcastle lifestyle very easily.

Like all great designers Lauren is a multi tasking wizz, Mum to 2 adorable daughters, an experienced renovator, sporty and is always keen for a chat…. especially after her morning coffee.

We’re really please that Lauren has joined our studio, so please say hello to Lauren next time you pop by the Zoo.
Lauen Charge

Christmas is all wrapped up!

Neon Zoo Christmas Wrap

It’s no secret that the Zoo Crew love Christmas, so once again we’ve designed our own custom wrapping paper. This year prints come double sided in our signature fluro and we’ve added some gold for some extra special touches.

As usual we’ve taken inspiration from our fury (and scaly) friends to create four prints (crocodile, bird, fox and lion).

The paper should soon by arriving down the chimneys and at the doorsteps of all our Zoo friends soon, but if you’ve missed out, talk to us and we may be able to help you out.

Fox Christmas Paper Design  Lion Christmas Paper Design Crocodile Christmas Paper DesignBird Christmas Paper Design

Google Helps Users Find Mobile ‘Friendly’ Sites

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty frustrating when I find a website that I want to check out on my phone, only to find that I have to ‘zoom in’ and ‘expand’ to read the site content because it’s not optimised for ‘hand-held’ devices.

Lately, we’ve been encouraging clients to build or update their website to be responsive – this means the site is set up to be mobile and tablet ‘friendly’. Now, whilst this is great for user experience and location based searches, it has now become even more beneficial to businesses with Google now promoting sites as ‘Mobile Friendly’ to it’s users accessing the search engine from their phones.

See below an example when searching our own Neon Zoo website:

Neon Zoo website design mobile friendly for google searching

To ensure the ‘Googlebot’ reads your site as optimised, you can check out their latest Google Webmaster blog here to for their handy tips and tricks. Google notes that this is the first step in promoting optimised sites and will look at ranking those sites that are optimised above those that aren’t in future site ranking criteria.

Whilst having an optimised site is beneficial for businesses and their site ranking, it also makes web browsing a better user experience for clients and consumers.



How Can Instagram Help Your Business

Part 2 of our social media focuses on Instagram (See our post on Facebook here)  and how you could use it to market your business.


1. Engagement 
Instagram achieves a greater level of engagement (likes/comments and reposts) than all other social media platforms. See the Forrester study here.

2. Exposure.
Each of your posts will be highly visible, there is no algorithm (like Facebook has) that controls your feed. So everything you post will be seen in the feed of your followers.

3. Hashtags
You can use hashtag to help your content be searchable, (Don’t know what a hash tag is? Read Alexa’s article on hash tags)

4. It’s extremely easy.
No need to over think it. Take photo and post….that’s it.

5. Instagram can give you an opportunity to market your products and services in a creative way.
Ditch the catalogue images and show your products and services being used in real situation.

5. It a great opportunity to add personality to your brand.
Show some behind the scenes image, celebrate milestones, support good causes and generally have fun with it.

Want to get started? First you need to download the app on your iPhone or tablet.

Here’s some businesses that are using Instagram for business really well

1. The Little Veggie Patch Co.

2. Nectar & Stone

3. The Luxe Nomad

4. The Lair

5. Pappa Sven 

Want to learn more? Take a look at the Instagram blog



Beer and pretzel bonbons! Oh my!

Milkjam- a Newcastle based boutique confectionary brand, approached us with the need for packaging that captures their blow your mind, slap your tastebuds’ mantra. With delicious confectionary flavours like ‘bacon and maple popcorn’ we knew we had to come up with a creative solution that was a little different.

No one can take an elephant riding a unicycle seriously (no matter how good his unicycle skills, OR how tall his tophat), and although Milkjam’s products are seriously tasty, they are also fun, imaginative and have lashings of nostalgia, and were able to capture this in the quirky pattern design.

The colour palette we chose hints at the flavours within while matching the vintage feel of the overall package design. It’s a nod to a simpler time when sugar rushes were a highly prized part of childhood.

We are really happy with the outcome of this design, and were also pretty excited to sample some of Milkjam’s delicious products as part of our ‘research.’

Follow Milkjam on Twitter or Facebook to find out where you can obtain some of these delicious morsels for yourself.

Brand pattern developed for Milkjam packaging

Packaging designed for Milkjam confectionary products Boobon packaging designed for Milkjam products

Milkjam Beer and Pretzel Bon Bons

Image via Milkjam Facebook page

Milkjam sauces

Image via Milkjams Facebook page

Milkjam Salted caramel and peanut Popcorn

Image via Milkjams Facebook page


How Can Facebook Help Your Business?

Getting your ‘Insta’ confused with your ‘Pintererst’ or your ‘Facey’ mixed up with your ‘LinkedIn’? When talking to clients we get a lot of questions about which social media platforms they should be using for their business. This is the first in a series of blog posts where we explain the benefits of different social media outlets and how they can work for you.

First up is Facebook  with some of the benefits of using Facebook for your business listed below.

How to use Facebook for business


1. Out of sight, out of mind.
Facebook is another way of keeping your brand on peoples minds. It’s also another way for existing and potential clients to find your contact details via a Facebook business page. Business pages will list your phone number, address, reviews and opening hours.

3. Drive traffic to your website
Reposting articles from your blog will help to generate clicks through to your site, which will in turn build your website SEO.

4. By building a network or following on Facebook, you are building a network that can potentially share your message.
Any post that is shared by your audience will be seen by a larger audience. But don’t expect everything you put up to be shared, just like anything else it’s all about having good content. It’s best to try to find a balance between helpful, informative posts and fun posts.

5. Facebook is a low cost marketing tool.
You can create an account in seconds and it won’t cost you a thin! Don’t be fooled, to do it well you must invest the time in your Facebook page if you want to see any results and drive engagement.

6. Help show your brands personality.
Facebook is a way to reach out to your audience and talk directly to them. No need for stuffy corporate messages, use Facebook to show your brands personality and further build the connection between your brand and your audience.

7. It’s instant.
Social media is fast. Having a flash sale? Have some information on a current event? If you have a message to get out there, there’s no quicker way than social media.


Remember these golden rules for social media.

1. Be Authentic, the voice you use on social media must accurately represent your business.

2. Be Responsive, if someone interacts with your page, respond to them (even if it’s negative).

3. Post Regularly, inactive Facebook pages will not bring you any benefits.


Here’s some examples of businesses that are using Facebook for business really well…

1. Design Files , this is a good example or reposting articles to have people then click through to a website.

2. Doughheads, really good example of instant communications. Doughheads uses Facebook to let people know which markets they’ll be at and when, to generate excitement about new flavours and announce competitions.

2. Pet Rescue, Pet rescue is a Not For Profit organisation and they use Facebook to generate awareness, encourage donations and most importantly help many needy pets to find their ‘forever’ homes.

3. Threadless, They post a lot of fun content and get their audience involved by asking their opinion on designs – engagement!


How to improve your website ranking

So you’ve got a website up, but there’s not much traffic coming your way? Time to introduce some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques to improve your site AKA to get organic traffic to your site through search engines…without spending money. Have look at some simple ways to improve your website ranking below.

1. Have a look at your site and make sure that you are providing answers to your audiences questions?
Search engines want to deliver relevant information to their audiences searches, consider headings like ‘How to…’, ‘Why is…’, ’10 Ways to…’, 3 tips to…etc. When developing this content, make sure it is relevant and helpful to the reader.

2. Update your content regularly.
In Google’s world, recent information is considered to be relevant information. This means a static website (ie; a site that is not regularly updated with new, relevant content) will not work in your favour. A great way to to keep adding high quality and relevant information to your website is to have a blog…….just like this one 😉

3. Social Media Presence
Build your network so that there is an audience to see your content. Create ‘shareable’ content on your blog and repost it to your Social media channels. These reposts will create more back-links to your website and search engines, like Google, will take notice of topics that are then reposted by your network. Remember being active on social media doesn’t mean you need to be active on every social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +), choose the platform(s) that are right for your business and then create a strategy around using it. Tip: shareable content will usually include an image and will have an interesting title.

4. Register for your business for a Google My Business Page.
Ever noticed the box on the right hand side of your search that shows up when you ‘Google a business’ (see below). A ‘Google My Business’ page will make it easier for people to find you.

How to imprve your web ranking through google places

5. Make sure all of your images have accurate ALT tags. 
An ALT tag will help describe your images to people with vision impairments and also to search engines. You can also see ALT descriptions with the yellow box that appears with you hover over an image. Remember to keep these relevant and to consider the end user, it shouldn’t be an opportunity to keyword stuff your page.