Branding Portfolio

Hi Scott,

We’ve put together a branding portfolio for you to look over.

Looking forward to the opportunity of working with you again!

This portfolio includes branding options from the following clients

  • Native Newcastle
  • Aziz Sahu Khan Orthodontics
  • Lambton Park Denture Clinic
  • Fifi Docs
  • Harvest Homes
  • Hunter Corporate Park
  • Flexible Business learning
  • Survey Drafting and Resources
  • logo design newcastle
  • Native Newcastle brand design
  • Native Newcastle brand design
  • Brand design for Aziz Sahu-Khan
  • medical design for orthodontists
  • medical design for orthodontists
  • Stationery design for aziz sahu-khan orthodontics
  • Stationery design for Harvest Homes by Neon Zoo
  • Harvest Homes website design by Neon Zoo
  • Website design for Harvest Homes by Neon Zoo
  • Hunter corporate park information brochure design
  • web design
  • Neon Zoo Social Media Elements design Survey and Drafting Resources
  • Survey and Drafting Resources Responsive Website Design by Neon Zoo Graphic Design Newcastle