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Abby’s Japanese Adventure

I don’t think I’ve ever disguised my love of Japan…I love it’s food and culture. Recently I was lucky enough to return for the third time to see the sights, taste the delights and enjoy some cultural inspiration.

My first trip to Japan was to visit our Head Bear Handler Clare, whilst she was working there way back in 2005. This is where I got my first taste of Japan and love of travel. We experienced great food, explored cities, remote towns and even climbed Mount Fuji…It was a truly great trip and a place I had always wanted to return to. I was lucky enough to get back there again last year for my honeymoon, where I experienced the beautiful nature and powdery soft snow in Niseko. Again, I felt I wanted to go back, so we booked in another trip back to Niseko and explored the beautiful cities of Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Again, I have come back truly excited and inspired by their weird and somewhat wacky designs and visual communication tools that Japan uses as part of their advertising and marketing of products. I love their use of characters and animation and how widely used Hello Kitty is used throughout the regions of Japan.

As always, we like to keep you up-to-date with what we do in and out of the studio, so I thought I’d share a few holiday snaps! See below:









And we’re back!!

Hello 2015!!

We’re back in the studio and ready for 2015.

After some much-needed down time we’re all feeling rejuvenated and ready to sink our teeth into some new creative challenges.

Some of our key client focuses this year will include helping our clients to;

  • Get mobile friendly, by converting their existing websites to a responsive designs
  • Rejuvenate their branding for 2015
  • Suggest new ways for our clients to reach out to their client base, so they stand out from the crowd
  • Partner with new clients to launch their brands

In the studio, were focusing on;

  • Improving our workflow and client experience
  • Continue to keep our design skills and business knowledge up to date
  • Have fun in the studio and enjoy the amazing people and projects that we get to work with!

If you want to give your brand some TLC or have a new venture, project or idea that you want to get started, then just give us a call!

Below are some holiday snaps from the Zoo Crew, three guesses as to where we all spent most of our time!

Summer holidays Beach time

Avoca beach holiday snap

Neon Zoo new years break



Hip-hip-hooray!!! It’s our 7th Birthday!

Neon Zoo celebrates it's 7th Birthday

We’re very excited to share with you our Birthday today, marking 7 years since we decided to make a ‘go of it’ from our Bar Beach sunroom and start the ‘ZOO’.

Whilst we are little older and wiser, we are still ‘keen as mustard’ about all things design. In the past few years our studio has grown and we now have our loveable and indispensable ‘Zoo Keeper’ Alexa, working to keep us organised.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our friends, family, clients and suppliers for all of your continuing support. Happy Birthday to us!

Icy Adventure

More than a few people were surprised to hear that I was taking a break from the ‘ZOO’ to spend 2 weeks in Iceland, but I can assure you it did not disappoint.

Iceland was stunning and full of contrasts, countless waterfalls, more shades of green moss than you can imagine, volcanoes, lava fields, glaciers and a whole lot of sheep. Highlights included glacier hiking, whale spotting, scuba diving in the Silfra Fissure, between the tectonic plates, and relaxing in thermal pools after a long day of hiking.

After our very ‘zen’ trip around iceland we livened things up by spending a week in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Below are a few of my pics, but please be warned, there are many, many scenic landscapes.

Big thanks to Abby and Alexa for keeping the Zoo rolling along while I was away! Enjoy the pics 🙂

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Iceland 118



thorsmoirk Iceland

Glacier Hiking iceland


DSC04105 Iceland

Diving at the Silfra Fissure

Diving at the Silfra Fissure

My Wedding and Honeymoon

Some of you may already know that I recently had a holiday to celebrate my marriage to my partner Luke (which explains the recent name change)! We had a great day celebrating with all of our friends and family and were lucky enough to take off for a few weeks for our honeymoon. As always, travel inspires us here at the ZOO, so we always enjoy sharing our happy snaps with you.

Abby & Luke getting married

Photo courtesy of David Moore Photography.

Abby snowboarding in Niseko, Japan

A great day snowboarding in Grand Hirafu Village, Niseko Japan. You can see Mt Yoti behind me!

Abby snowboarding in Niseko, Japan

Me slowly making my way down the mountain…

Abby & Luke ski holiday, Japan

Luke and I on the chair lift making our way up the mountain for first tracks.

Abby's honeymoon in the Philippines

Ahh… After Japan, we decided to go to the Philippines for some sun and relaxation.

Snorkelling in the Phillipines


The snorkelling and scuba there is amazing.

Drinking out of a coconut in the philipines

Island life… drinking out of a coconut – Yum!

Suset in the Philippines

And last but not least… the sunsets were amazing.

Sadly all good things do come to an end, so I’m now back in the studio and ready to take on new projects at the ZOO!

My weekend at MONA…

As a bit of an art & design geek / freak, I spent the weekend at Australia’s latest (and I believe to be) greatest gallery – MONA. The Museum of Old and New Art is the brain child of wealthy art enthusiast David Walsh (Google him, he’s pretty interesting) and is best described as an adult wonderland. As the largest private art collection in Aus, you can definitely see why this space / experience has been developed to make art more approachable and engaging for the young and old. Walsh has injected his personality through out the museum, from his personal accounts of purchasing each artwork (available on the supplied iPod Touch) through to the signs on his car space which say ‘GOD’ or my personal favourite ‘GOD’S MISTRESS’ (for his partner, I believe). Everything has been so well thought of that the MONA brand becomes an experience in itself. When looking at the extension of the brand, you can get around using the MONA ROMA or partake in an annual music festival known as the MONA FOMA (MOFO). I think what I loved about this Museum was that it is unapologetically approachable. I breaks down modern art so that even the greatest novice (sorry Luke) understands the story around it. As a result of this personality injection, MONA definitely stands far apart from the stuffy art galleries of a bygone era.

Walk through MONA with iPod Touch

Art placed on specially designed wall paper.

Bean bags on the lawn.

An installation on Basement 3 (the whole place is dug out underground).

Lunch & beers in the sun (courtesy of their own brewery, Moo Brew)

Sunset over the Derwent River.