Get a’Kraken

Don’t let your New Year marketing resolutions become mythical…get a’Kraken!

One day, late 2013, the crew at Neon Zoo were working tirelessly in their studio located in the seaside town of Newcastle.

In the heat of the summer, the enticing drift of sea air would waft through the studio windows and bring the crew ‘back to life!’

It was during one of these ‘sea breeze’ awakenings that they devised a plan to create, design and inspire their clients with the story of The Kraken.

The Kraken, an enormous, mythical sea monster, was to become the mascot for their 2014 marketing resolutions.

You see, the crew at Neon Zoo had watched many clients lose focus with their marketing, finding it overwhelming and almost fearsome. Like The Kraken, marketing had also become somewhat of a myth for many of their beloved clients.

What the clients didn’t know yet was that  this was about to change!

A business can fear the sheer scale of marketing!  They feel confused by the many communication touch points and like all ocean dwelling monsters it is often ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

The Zoo Crew looked at how they could tame The Kraken.  (or knew they had to tame The Kraken)

It wouldn’t be easy but they knew they could do it!

First step: Re-define The Kraken. Instead of being an onerous task, The Kraken would be motivational – Get a Kraken!

Second step: Inspire the audience to market themselves with their ideas using The Kraken notebook.

Third step: Engage the audience to actively market and share their creative marketing ideas.

If you, like many others, believe in the myth of The Kraken and need  to be inspired , watch the TED video of the elusive deep-sea create here to see the myth become a reality!