FloorInsure is an insurance scheme targeting carpet and flooring retailers and installers. FloorInsure will offer specific cover options offering a range of specialist, trustworthy coverage and competitive prices.


Stationery Design
Print Design
Email Campaigns
Advertising Campaign
Project Management

FloorInsure approached Neon Zoo to assist them with developing a relevant brand that would help FloorInsure to visually communicate its focus with flooring and carpet retailers and installers. With every touch point, their key brand messages are communicated through a range of marketing materials including their stationery suite, advertorials, promotional brochures and email campaigns.


“FloorInsure Insurance had a previous history but with no branding, no exposure and no entitlement. We approached Neon Zoo to resolve to give us an entity and image to gain market recognition. The ‘ZOO’ took the time to gain an in depth knowledge of the business and its objectives and gave us sensational alternate directions. The end result was a corporate entity with a brand that is now recognised for its specific product and its market advantage. Very satisfied”. Ian Jones, Principle

  • Floor Insure Stationery Design by Neon Zoo, graphic design studio, Newcastle NSW