Helen Stronach Architects

Helen Stronach Architects is a Newcastle based firm that specialise in residential builds and renovations.With every design, Helen aims to create environmentally friendly solutions whilst meeting the needs of her clients.


Stationery Design
Signage Design
Project Management

Prior to working with Helen on her own branding, we had collaborated on several other projects for commercial clients. When working with Helen, we really admired her use of natural and environmentally friendly materials and how she would develop the ageing of materials into her design concept. Little did we know, that this quality would inspire us when we were asked to re-brand her company identity. Focusing heavily on the principle of Wabi Sabi, Helen sees the beauty in the ageing and ‘flaws’ of natural materials and works this into most of her design concepts. As part of her re-brand we developed a logo mark, stationery design and signage design.


“As an Architect, it is not easy to hand over design work of any shape or form. However, when it came to the redesign of my logo and company graphics, I had seen enough of Neon Zoo’s work to feel confident they would come up with something exciting and original. I am trilled with the results. Many thanks.”
Helen Stronach, Helen Stronach Architects.

  • Helen Stronach Stationery Design by Neon Zoo Newcastle