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A brand is a culmination of many communication elements rather than a stand alone logo mark.

When developing a brand, we work with key personnel to identify the strategy behind the brand – also known as the whowhat and why.
Who they are – what is their business personality and where do they sit within the market?
What they do – what service or product they offer?
Why they do it – what is the drive behind the business or organisation?

This builds the brand strategy that helps us determine the positioning of the brand. We look at trends, market and customer experience to identify where the the brand ‘sits’ amongst competitors.

A brand identity is comprised of graphical elements, shapes, colours, illustration, photography, typography, layouts, language and communication methods. These visual components of the brand identity are all informed by the strategy and positioning articulated in the project brief.

To ensure the life of a brand identity, guidelines are supplied for both internal and external use. This document allows people to understand the motivation of the brand and ensure the integrity of the logo and brand elements are retained in both print and digital communication.

A business brand or identity is a vital element in the future marketing and promotion of a business. A brand is a visual package that allows you to communicate your ‘who, what and why’ and makes your business visually desirable to your target audience.

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