Graphic Design

We are a Newcastle Graphic Design Studio. Graphic Design is the communication through visual cues such as colour, tone, shape, symbols, images, typography and words to convey a message.


Colour Palettes

When it comes to Graphic Design, we’re proud as peacocks!

Graphic Design, also known as Visual Communication, often requires an understanding and a level of skill in one or more disciplines. Problem solving on the behalf of clients, Graphic Designers specialise in the organisation of visual information through creativity, innovation and technique.

We make information more desirable, relatable, engaging and easier to digest!

It is through Visual Communication that a product or service can position itself and articulate what differentiates if from competitors.

Often used in logo, identity design and layout, Graphic Design tends to the structure, organisation and visual engagement to ensure a document effectively communicates the subject at hand.

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  • Layout Design Neon Zoo
  • Logo Design Neon Zoo Newcastle for Doughheads
  • Invitation Design HMRI Ball invitaiton artwork 2014 Neon Zoo
  • CALM directory map Neon Zoo graphic design studio Newcastle
  • Signature stripe design developed for Jude Australia by Neon Zoo
  • Jude Australia signature floral print designed by neon zoo, Newcastle design studio
  • 100+ Questions about Puberty book design
  • The Russell Sprout logo design
  • Glendale East Public School Prospectus Design Neon Zoo Graphic Design Studio Newcastle NSW
  • Octapod Annual Report Neon Zoo graphic design studio Newcastle NSW
  • Growthmentor logo