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As a Newcastle Graphic Design Studio, we offer website and digital design as a core service.


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Designing a website is no monkey business. A website acts as a ‘shop front’ for your business, accessible to an international audience at any time of the day. It offers businesses the opportunity to promote themselves and engage to a wider audience in their service or product.

At Neon Zoo, we believe website design and development is all about creating  a site that is ‘searchable’ for your audience. With all sites we aim to build a positive and enjoyable user experience. This includes developing responsive websites that allow you to be accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

When developing a website, we work with key personnel to identify the strategy behind the site – also known as the whowhat and why.
Who they are – what is their business personality and where do they sit within the market?
What they do – what service or product they offer?
Why they do it – what is the drive behind the business or organisation?

We take the time to understand the purpose of the project and the positioning of the brand. We look at trends, market and customer experience to identify where your company sits.

A website uses function and navigation frameworks to ensure that relevant content is easily accessed by the end user. When ‘handed over’, your site is like a living organism and will need to be maintained and nurtured. To ensure the continual development of the site, guidelines are supplied for content editing and updates.

Email campaigns allow you to directly market your commercial message to your database. E-Newsletters and E-Postcards help businesses to keep in touch with their market and build brand awareness with their audience.

Social Media includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest and gives businesses the opportunity to make a ‘bee line’ and communicate directly with their market. Through social media, businesses can promote their visual identity using timeline banners and profile pics.

We are located in Newcastle, NSW and are happy to talk to you about your next website or digital design project.

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